Name:wheel chairs






Wheelchair is an important tool for rehabilitation, it is not only the transport of limb disabled people, more important is that they use a wheel chair for physical exercise and to participate in social activities. The wheelchairs are typically made up of wheelchairs, wheels, brakes and a four-part chair. The wheelchairs are built on the base of a regular wheelchair and will add a handshaking device.

The most important consideration when choosing a wheelchair is the size of the wheelchair. The main part of the weight of the wheelchair is around the sciatic nodules of the hip, around the femur, around the women's nest and around the scapula. The size of the wheelchair, especially the seat width, depth and the height of the back of a chair and foot pedal is appropriate, the distance to the seat cushion can make a person related to the blood circulation of the affected, and the skin friction losses, and even pressure ulcers. Also, consider the patient's safety, the ability to operate, the weight of the wheelchair, the location, the appearance, etc.